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High Expectations Continued

A few days ago I went over the top 3 teams and players with the most weight on their shoulders going into this upcoming season! 

Today we are going to go a little deeper into this subject and cover the teams and players that rank 4th through 6th with the highest expectations for the 2013-14 season. 

4) Tony Romo and The Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo just barely slipped passed the top 3 for highest expectations but that can be debated due to his new contract extension. With the quarterbacks around the league hunting for the highest paid contract, Tony Romo held the award for a few days before the golden boy, Aaron Rogers, claimed the title. 

All this money isn't necessarily a good thing for quarterback Tony Romo. Sure it will fill his pockets nicely, but the scrutiny that comes along with his monstrous 6-year almost $120 million contract extension ($40 million guaranteed) if he doesn't exceed expectations, will be exponential! 

Rightfully so, of course. Although Romo put up amazing statistics last season in overall yardage that almost amassed 5000 yards, a 65.4% completion rating, and 28 throwing TD's, he threw a career tying high 19 interceptions! He has also failed to perform in clutch situations that matter most (week 17 last season against the Redskins is the most recent situation). 

Part of his contract requires Tony to spend more time at the Cowboys facilities, time will tell if this pays off, but Romo just signed a 6-year extension so he has plenty of it left in Dallas. 

5) Alex Smith, Andy Reid, and the Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs did a total overhaul this offseason bringing in a new head coach in Andy Reid, traded for starting QB Alex Smith, and took Eric Fisher first overall in the 2013 draft among many other moves. Andy Reid inherited the worst team in the league this season after ranking dead last in PPG (points per game) and Passing yards! This was mainly due to the inconsistency at the QB position, which makes the Alex Smith trade a blessing.

As a football fan, I am very excited to see the statistical differences between this upcoming season and last season, primarily in WR Dwayne Bowe who only pulled in 59 receptions for 801 yards. I think this will be a completely different story in this upcoming season after creating some chemistry with his new QB. With the addition of Alex Smith also brings the opportunity to spread the field and force opposing defenses to watch other aspects of the offense rather then just Jamaal Charles, the only light at the end of the tunnel Chiefs fans had. It may take a little while for this new group to get into their groove, but a week 1 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars should start the season off right.

The Question is which rookie linemen will give up a sack first in week one, if either do, Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel?

6) Payton Manning - This is a Do or Die season for Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos. After last seasons playoff run the expectations for this team have sky rocketed! 

How many seasons does Payton Manning have left in the league? 

Thats a question that will only be answered in due time, but till then the only appropriate ending is a Super Bowl appearance, anything less is unacceptable.  

The Broncos have given Manning every opportunity to do just that! Coming out on top of the free agency market with big names like Wes Welker, Louis Vasquez, and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, as well as drafting big names like Montee Ball and Tavarres King!

With all these additions to an already amazing offensive core Payton Manning has no excuses to have anything but an amazing season!

Which he will!

He's Payton Manning!