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14 Jun

New site in the making! Under construction will be fully published within 2 weeks!

Check back for more updates!

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13 Jun

Working on a .com site

I have been having a lot of issues with this blogging site so I have decided to create my own .com. I apologize in advance for the delay an inconvenience, but will have the new site up and running in a months time. Keep an eye out for -

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9 Jun

32 teams & 32 Playmakers

Not all 32 NFL franchises can bring home an 11+ win season, but it seems like EVERY franchise has at least one key player on their roster that can explode at any given moment. Most of these playmakers are loved throughout the league for their jaw-dropping talent, and by many fantasy leaguers for their huge performances. With that being said lets go through and pick out our playmakers for each 32 teams in the NFL!


AFC South

Houston Texans - Arian Foster 

The Houston Texans are a team stacked with amazing talent and playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Their dynamic players range from "sack happy" J.J. Watt, a beastly Brian Cushing, former Ravens safety Ed Reed, star WR Andre Johnson, but none have contributed to this teams success more than Arian Foster. With 391 touches on the ground and through the air, 88 first downs, and 17 TD's, Foster has proven he can carry this team and doesn't look to change that come regular season. 

Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck 

Let me start by saying, I believe Luck was the most OVERRATED QB last season compiling 18 int's, 9 fumbles, a pathetic 54.1% completion rating, and a pitiful 76.5 passer rating. With that being said, you can't dismiss the fact that he turned a miserable 2-14 Colts team into an 11-5 playoff contender. He is a proven winner, and with time this young QB will grow and flourish in his NFL career. Expect Luck and Ballard to become the centerpieces of this offense for the next decade to come!

Tennessee Titans - Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson will never live up to his CJ2K days, but is still the face for this franchise. What other player, can you honestly say, has made a bigger impact on this franchise the last half decade? None! He has done amazing things with a not so amazing roster, but has suffered from poor play from his Oline. Not to mention, defenses have been able to sit 8 in the box due to the absence of a vertical pass attack. This next season looks promising for CJ2K with a rebuilt offensive line and QB Jake Locker knowing his career is on the line, but the presence of Shonn Green has to be unsettling.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Maurice Jones-Drew 

Maurice has been the only light at the end of the "never ending" tunnel in Jacksonville since he came to town. This consistently vicious running back has shined brighter each year and was on track to have another great season last year before injuries forced him to ride the bench the remainder of the season. After sitting and watching his teammates get pummeled expect Jones-Drew to hit the turf with a chip on his shoulder. He will be a top 8 RB Fantasy Wise and will once again regain his title as "workhorse".     

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8 Jun

32 Teams & 32 Playmakers

Not all 32 NFL franchises can bring home an 11+ win season, but it seems like EVERY franchise has at least one key player on their roster that can explode at any given moment. Most of these playmakers are loved throughout the league for their jaw-dropping talent, and by many fantasy leaguers for their huge performances. With that being said lets go through and pick out our playmakers for each 32 teams in the NFL!


AFC West 

San Diego Chargers - Philip Rivers 

Philip Rivers has been criticized for his performance, or lack their of, the last two seasons but I'm not totally pouring the blame on him. Sure there were a few interceptions last year that could have been avoided, but the Chargers had horrible play out of their O-line, inconsistency at WR till midseason, and a pathetic attempt at a run game. How do you expect to slow down the pass rush when your leading rusher, Ryan Matthews, ended the season with only 707 yards and 1 TD! Expecting this year to be different, if not for us fan then at least for Rivers career.

Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning 

What more can be said about Peyton Manning that hasn't already been said? I think the correct answer is Nothing. Everything has been said about this QB! He is an amazing leader, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, on top of being a proven winner. The Colts bombed during Manning's absence in 2011 and Denver has flourished with him at the helm. The sky is the limit for this 2013 Broncos team who arguably has one of the best roster in the league, let alone the AFC!

Kansas City Chiefs - Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles was in my opinion the best running back in the league last year. I know that's a large statement, but think of what he was able to do in a system that failed before it even started. Defenders loaded the box against Charles without fear against a nonexistent pass attack. This year will be different for the Kansas City Chiefs, but Jamaal will once again be one of the best. 

Oakland Raiders - Denarius Moore  

I might get some interesting feedback from this decision because Darren McFadden is obviously the most talented player on this roster, but great talent can't help out their team very much riding the bench and in the medical room. Denarius Moore has made great contributions to this faltering organization with limited assistance. With the departure of Brandon Myers and Darrius Heyward-Bey, Denarius Moore has the opportunity to become the star receiver on the roster. Oakland is a huge question-mark this season given their current QB situation, the curiosity of when/if McFadden will play a full 16 games, and how they will adjust to the departure of their team leader in receptions, TE Brandon Myers.

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13 May

My Dream Team - Offense

Every sports fanatic would love to see their team compiled with big name athletes and amazing stars! Unfortunately for us, there are only so many greats in the glorious world of the NFL. 

So today I've decided to go through and create my dream team!

Today we focus on offense!

QB - Aaron Rogers - Rogers is, hands down, one of the top three best QB's in the league right now. He has proven, over and over again, why he is considered one of the greats and why he deserves the highest paid contract in NFL history. If you have to question this pick you must not watch a lot of football.
Backup QB - Payton Manning - This would never happen, but either of the Manning brother's at backup QB would be a blessing. Payton is a proven winner, and has the ability to carry a team on his back. Look at the 2011 Colts. Point, Game, and Match. 

RB - Adrian Peterson - God forbid this ever happen, but having AP behind either Rogers or Manning would be a thing of beauty. Defensive coordinators wouldn't know what to do with themselves or how to spend their time preparing. Not to mention having an amazing RB, like AP, behind Rogers would only make Aaron better (maybe even godlike).

2RB - Marshawn Lynch - What more is there to say about Lynch then Beast Mode! He is an amazing athlete with the ability to bulldoze defenders, get skinny at the point of attack, and fight for yards you NEED! If I were to ever need a short yardage first down or touchdown Lynch would get the ball. 

FB - Vonta Leach - Leach is, without question, my favorite fullback in the league. He is a large body standing at 6'0" and 260 pounds, and isn't afraid to use it. He is the best when it comes to run blocking, hitting the point of attack and pushing the pile. Not only is Leach a great run blocker, he is a good pass blocker as well, which would help Rogers immensely! When up right no QB is better in the pocket, and Leach will do anything in his power to keep his QB standing tall. 

TE - Tony Gonzales - Anyone who watched the playoffs last years understands this decision, as well as any true NFL fans. Tony may be an older prospect, but is playing like he's still in his mid 20's. Making spectacular catches in tiny windows and being a true game changer, Tony Gonzales is still the best.

TE - Jimmy Graham - When watching this kid play its hard to keep your jaw from dropping. He is amazingly talented and a true prodigy. Standing at 6'7" 265 pounds he can do close to anything a coach asks from pass and run blocking, to making amazing catches while taking a body, to  going up for the jump ball in the end zone. Becoming a favorite target for Drew Brees, I believe Graham would thrive with Rogers or Manning under center. 

WR - Andre Johnson - Andre is a future receiving Hall of Famer, enough said. He's carried the Texans for years now, and had the best season of his career last year! Yet even with the best season of his career Andre had a hard time finding the end zone, putting up a measly 4 touchdowns last year. Blame this on Arian Foster (17 TD's). Andre would make a spectacular play, get the ball within the 10, and Arian would punch it in for all the glory. Don't worry Andre, we will treat you right. 

WR - Vincent Jackson - I have been a Chargers fan since being birthed in the glorious city of San Diego, that being said I love Vincent Jackson. He was Philip Rivers favorite target, he's a big body, is surprisingly nimble, and can mimic success where ever he goes. Now with the Tampa Bay Bucc's, he has easily become the star of their WR corp, putting up huge #'s last season! With less than a 50% ratio of targets to receptions last season with Josh Freeman, I could only imagine Vincent would thrive with Rogers or Manning. 

WR - AJ Green - Green is one of my favorite players in the league right now! He has come into Cincinnati and has helped create the team we see today. Going into his 3rd pro season, Green's future looks very promising. He's a playmaker, he's a star, he's a future Hall of Fame'r if he keeps doing what he's doing. I am also very fond of this player because he put up big Fantasy points for me last season! Will draft again this year! Hopefully no one steals him by the 3rd round!

Since I am 99.999% positive the Chargers will never accumulate this team, I figure I'd pretend for a day and create my dream offense. Whats yours?

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11 May

Who has the better chance at success, Geno Smith or Matt Barkley?

When asked who has the better chance at success, Matt Barkley or Geno Smith, you really need to think about your answer. 

Is success getting playing time their rookie season? If so, Geno Smith is the clear answer. Last season Sanchez had a horrible year! Personally I think Rex Ryan is to blame, mostly, but that's a whole other topic. Back to the topic at hand, the first time Sanchez has a 3-4 int game he will be benched, at which time Geno will step in. 

Will he live up to his expectations? He'll do better than Sanchez, but don't expect anything special. 

Barkley however will have long term NFL success. He is a great QB, with amazing mobility and accuracy, and will fit into Chip Kelly's offense nicely. With that being said, he won't be on the field before Geno which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

If given the time to groom his skills, an prepare for his first debut, and learn from a very versatile Michael Vick, Matt Barkley will come out a star. 

The only way we are going to find out is with time. I just wish I could fast forward to preseason kickoff!

8 May

LeBron to cover Nate Robinson?

I'm going to go off course here and talk some basketball. I am only doing this because I find it hilarious that there have been comments made about LeBron James guarding Nate Robinson in game 2 of the series! Nate stands at 5'9" and 180 lbs were as LeBron James stands at 6'8" 250 pounds! That is quite the mismatch if you ask me, but honestly I think it'll work in the Bulls favor because I don't believe LeBron has the speed to keep Robinson in front of him.
Robinson might not score another 27 points while having a 6'8" frame guarding him, but he will have the opportunity to dish out a lot more assists. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
 Keep in mind, I am a football guy! I wrote this article because it was comically interesting.  But feel free to rip what I said apart! I know LeBron has plenty of fans that won't like what I said.

8 May

Rookie running backs that'll make instant impact!

There has been a lot of hype going into this years NFL season around the upcoming rookies. So in this article I'm going to go over the three teams with rookie tailbacks that will make big impacts right away!

1) The Green Bay Packers - The Packers got exactly what they needed in this years draft, a power running back! They actually picked up two. One in the second round pick in Eddie Lacey and the second with a fourth round pick in Jonathan Franklin. These two rookie tailback are going to dominate the scene, slow down pursuing pass rushers, and give Green Bay the play action options they have lacked for so long. Aaron Rogers has dazzled defenses with his amazing talent, and now he's going to have help from his back field in two spectacular rooks! Lacy will be a 3 down back, taking majority of the touches, but Franklins a beast and shouldn't be forgotten.

2) The Pittsburg Steelers - With the pick up of Le'Veon Bell in the second round of the draft, the Steelers finally have a starting caliber tailback! I believe he's going to win the starting position this year and have an amazing rookie campaign, getting 250+ carries with a 4.4 minimum yards per carry. I'd be very surprised if he puts up double digit TD's, but don't be surprised if he racks up about 7 or 8.

3) The Denver Broncos - The Broncos offense has so many weapons its like one of our navy gunships! They have the ability to attack any part of the defense on every play. With the additions of Montee Ball and Wes Welker, Manning has all the targets he could ask for. Ball can power through to first downs, is an amazing pass blocker, and great with his hands. All these attribute will put him on top of a versatile RB group currently lead by aging Willis McGahee. I like McGahee's ability to run, catch, and block but its time to tailor new talent! That's exactly what the Broncos are doing! Expect an increase in Moreno's touches and expect Ball to take over the starting position after McGahee gets hurt (hope he doesn't, but history tends to repeat itself).

It won't be a rookie showdown like last years QB class, but we should get some interesting contributions for these amazing athletes!

8 May

It's a great day!

Today's a beautiful day! I have my dog at my side, coffee in my cup, an the sun shining on my face! What more could a man ask for?

How bout some interesting sports debates! The comments have been weak to say the least and I would love to see more interaction from you guys!
I don't write this to force everyone to think the way I do, rather I write this to create heated debates and to share your knowledge of the league and certain situations with others.

I love talking sports! Lets talk sports!

Give me your quick top 10 power ranking QB's for this upcoming season!

7 May

Top 10 Power Rankings for RB's Continued!

I started this top 10 Power Ranking 2 days ago, and now its time to finish it.

5) Ray Rice - I will probably get some questions about this one, but I believe Ray is going to have an amazing season next year with the Ravens WR corp being as inexperienced as they are. Besided Jacoby Jones, majority of this WR group is filled with 2nd and 3rd year players. This being said, I foresee Ray Rice getting another 250+ carry season all while taking more receptions out of the backfield. While I believe his yards per carry will be closer to the 4.9-5.1 range, his TD's will most likely decline because of his WR corp, incidentally. They may be inexperienced and not have very many big names, but they are a very large group with the smallest receiver being 6'0" and two new rookies that stand at 6'2".  No matter what, maybe its just cause I like him but I'm betting on a big year from Rice no matter how his WR's play!

4) Doug Martin - What's not to like about Doug Martin? He is a 5'9" 215 pound bowling ball that makes defenders look like pins. He put up amazing numbers his rookie season with 1456 rushing yards, a 4.6 yards per carry average, 11 TD's, took 319 carries, and only fumbled ONCE! The Buccaneers have the utmost faith in Martin, who rightfully earned it, and will be back on the attack even harder next year. On top of all the yards and TD's, how could you not like a guy nicknamed "The Muscle Hamster"? Look for "The Muscle Hamster" to be among the top 5 RB's again next year!

3) Steven Ridley - Ridley had a breakout sophomore campaign last year catching the attention of the nation and proving he's a starting RB in the NFL. He rack up a total of 1263 rushing yards, a 4.4 yards per carry average, and knocked through 12 TD's, all while losing carries to former Patriots RB Danny Woodhead (who was picked up in FA by the Chargers). With Woodhead gone and the Patriots a first down magician in Wes Welker, I dont think its crazy to think Ridley will amass the 300+ carries mark next season and once again be a lead rusher. 

2) Marshawn Lynch - How else can you wrap up the Seattle Seahawks offense in one word other than explosive, with the base of the attack being Marshawn Lynch! He is exciting to watch every game and is a threat to break the big one every play. This year will be even better for Lynch. With the way Rookie QB Russel Wilson is playing the game and the additions Seattle has made this offseason to their offense, defensive coordinators are going to be forced to spend time and resources elsewhere. This doesn't mean he will be ignore and if he is the opposing defense will be in trouble!!!! It just means the field will be spread, there will be room for this nimble runner to play and play he will. These are big numbers but, as long as Rookie 2nd round draft pick Christine Michael doesn't steal to many carries, I'm expecting a 1700 yard, 5.2 average, 10 TD season from Lynch.
Aren't you?

1) Adrian Peterson - It seems like whenever looking at or making a RB Power Ranking AP is always #1, taking all the fun out of things. Of course he's going to be #1 though. He is the #1 running back in the league right now and will possibly go down as the best ever (if he keeps doing what he's doing). AP claimed this offseason he has set his standards at 2500 yards for next season, and after last it doesn't seem that unobtainable. Will he do it? No. There is no way AP is going to put up an average of 157 yards a game, but he might give Eric Dickerson's record another run for its money. He has a flame, left unextinguished, in his eye and a burning in his soul after falling only 9 yards shy last year. Because of that he will come at this season with a vengeance and rip defenses apart hole by hole. Expect 2200 yards. Records will be broken, Dreams will come true, and the Vikings will still fall...

Sorry AP.

Let me know your opinions!