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32 teams & 32 Playmakers

Not all 32 NFL franchises can bring home an 11+ win season, but it seems like EVERY franchise has at least one key player on their roster that can explode at any given moment. Most of these playmakers are loved throughout the league for their jaw-dropping talent, and by many fantasy leaguers for their huge performances. With that being said lets go through and pick out our playmakers for each 32 teams in the NFL!


AFC South

Houston Texans - Arian Foster 

The Houston Texans are a team stacked with amazing talent and playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Their dynamic players range from "sack happy" J.J. Watt, a beastly Brian Cushing, former Ravens safety Ed Reed, star WR Andre Johnson, but none have contributed to this teams success more than Arian Foster. With 391 touches on the ground and through the air, 88 first downs, and 17 TD's, Foster has proven he can carry this team and doesn't look to change that come regular season. 

Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck 

Let me start by saying, I believe Luck was the most OVERRATED QB last season compiling 18 int's, 9 fumbles, a pathetic 54.1% completion rating, and a pitiful 76.5 passer rating. With that being said, you can't dismiss the fact that he turned a miserable 2-14 Colts team into an 11-5 playoff contender. He is a proven winner, and with time this young QB will grow and flourish in his NFL career. Expect Luck and Ballard to become the centerpieces of this offense for the next decade to come!

Tennessee Titans - Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson will never live up to his CJ2K days, but is still the face for this franchise. What other player, can you honestly say, has made a bigger impact on this franchise the last half decade? None! He has done amazing things with a not so amazing roster, but has suffered from poor play from his Oline. Not to mention, defenses have been able to sit 8 in the box due to the absence of a vertical pass attack. This next season looks promising for CJ2K with a rebuilt offensive line and QB Jake Locker knowing his career is on the line, but the presence of Shonn Green has to be unsettling.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Maurice Jones-Drew 

Maurice has been the only light at the end of the "never ending" tunnel in Jacksonville since he came to town. This consistently vicious running back has shined brighter each year and was on track to have another great season last year before injuries forced him to ride the bench the remainder of the season. After sitting and watching his teammates get pummeled expect Jones-Drew to hit the turf with a chip on his shoulder. He will be a top 8 RB Fantasy Wise and will once again regain his title as "workhorse".     

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